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My Soul — Android Gameplay HD

Скачать My Soul — Android Gameplay HD

Игра My Soul — Android Gameplay HD на Андроид

My Soul is a fighting game one against one.
Since time immemorial the battle rages between good and evil.
One day, a Shaolin monk appeared and decided to secretly keep an ancient artifact away from human nature thus restoring balance.
However at the International Martial Art Tournament destruction of the Old Parchment caused the mutation avatar fighters showing the animal that lay dormant in them … The fragile balance between good and evil breaks.
What will choose beside you?
Choose your beast with its own combat techniques!
— Play the campaign mode, faces the boss and unlock new characters
— Explore the player world against player
— Challenge your friends and players around the world
— a design and an acoustic atmosphere exceptional
— easy and intuitive use. A combat system in real time!
— Show your talent to the world!
— Collection of recipes and enhances your Character
Awakening the beast in you and won the World Tournament!
Download link — https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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