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Hunter Age — Android Gameplay HD

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Игра Hunter Age — Android Gameplay HD на Андроид

Become the King of hunters!
Do you realize the fact that your assistant can hunt automatically for you?
Player does not have to hunt because we have our assistant Jeff!
Along with Jeff, hunt down the monsters of their times and become the King of hunters!
*HunterAge does not require data connection.
HunterAge is a game about a story of the Hunter and his assistant Jeff traveling to the past and the future to become the king of hunters.
1.Unique gameplay where you aim and shoot
2.Auto hunting system by using your assistant
3.Various weapons and monsters in different historic timelines.
4.Travel between timelines using the time machine.
5.Play the game without connecting online.
Download link — https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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