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Battleship with Pirates — Морской бой в 3D на Android(Обзор/Review) — YouTube

Скачать Battleship with Pirates — Морской бой в 3D на Android(Обзор/Review) — YouTube

Battleship with Pirates — https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…
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обзор игры Battleship with Pirates. Battleship with Pirates из себя аркаду от разработчиков Nenad Kajgana
Yaaaaarh! Assemble your crew, your ships and a good amount of rum. We are heading out to rule the sea!!
Prepare to feel the excitement of the classic Battleship game. Play with your fellow pirate friends, locally or online. Show who’s the real captain by climbing up the leaderboards.
— Battle against your friends on the same device or against Pirate AIs
— Battle online and earn points
— Global captain leaderboard
— No ads!
— Enjoy the sunny beaches of the Caribbean
— More coming soon!
Cоветую сыграть!!
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