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Official Lumines Puzzle & Music (by Mobcast inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS/Android)

Скачать Official Lumines Puzzle & Music (by Mobcast inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS/Android)

Игра Official Lumines Puzzle & Music (by Mobcast inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS/Android)

Official Lumines Puzzle & Music (by Mobcast inc.) Launch Trailer (iOS/Android) на Андроид

LUMINES PUZZLE & MUSIC by Mobcast inc. (iOS/Android)

Playing with music.
A new way to experience music.

It’s time to enjoy music once again.

* A music puzzle game with synchronized music and visuals! We highly recommend playing with headphones or earphones!

“Illumination Puzzle of Sound and Light”
A series that has sold over 2.5 million copies for home video game consoles.
Distributed in 76 countries worldwide with over 10 million installs.
The award winning music puzzle game supervised by Tetsuya Mizuguchi is now available in the App Store!

・Synchronization of Music and Visuals
The transparent visual designs together with high quality sound have created a truly immersing gaming experience.
Feel the delightful harmony of game play, sound and visual all in one.

・Fusion of Music and Gaming
“The Fusion of Music and Gaming”, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s original concept of LUMINES which earned him a spot on the “Digital 50”* has been inherited down and further enhanced.
This is an authentic Music Puzzle Game, a true mix of Dance Music and Puzzle Games.
The thrill of racking up high scores combined with the excitement gradually generated by the music and visuals provide the player with an experience like that of a music fest or a live show!

* Digital 50: Mizuguchi was selected as one of the top fifty digital innovators in the world chosen by the Producers Guild of America and The Hollywood Reporter in 2006.

・A variety of challenges and achievements
Various difficulties and game modes such as Challenge, Time Attack and Endless Score Attack modes provide plenty of challenges and goals.

・Easily post to popular Social Networking Sites
A mechanism has been implemented that allows players to post “Let’s play” videos and share their achievements on SNS.
Both the game screen and the in-camera can record simultaneously, making it possible for anyone to record “Let’s play” videos!

■□Recommended to the following people□■
・Fans of the LUMINES series
・People who want to forget about time and immerse themselves in a game
・People who like puzzle games
・People who like music
・Those who are bored of conventional music games
・People who are particular about the game sound
・People who like pop designs

■ Service Provider
mobcast inc.

□ Game Title

■ Supervisor
Tetsuya Mizuguchi

□ Official site

■ Official twitter account

□ Official facebook page

□Supported OS
iOS8.0 and beyond

■ Supported devices
iPhone5s, iPad air and beyond
* We do not guarantee successful operation on other devices.
* We do not guarantee successful operation on iPod seriese.

□ Contact customer support:
* If you have set a spam filter, please add the domain “@mobcasthelp.zendesk.com” on your whitelist so that you can receive our mail.

This App was created using CRIWARE ™ by CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

©mobcast ©Resonair ©BANDAI ©BNEI

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