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Guns and Magic — Интересная стратегия на Android (Review)

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Guns and Magic- https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

обзор игры Guns and Magic. Guns and Magic представляет из себя стратегию. Guns and Magic is a defender based action RPG game in a futuristic space setting.
Explore the dangerous planets crawling with the hordes of monsters, discover magic powers and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the lost artifact.
Guns and Magic lets you defend your ship from numerous waves of monsters. Upgrade powerful defensive guns and magic powers. Fly out in scout mode to reveal and collect more resources. Cast spells and shoot to repel enemy forces as you defend the spaceship from the invaders. Combine your shooting and magical powers to crush your enemies in epic battles.

Get ready to defense!

• Two different game modes
• Powerful magic abilities
• Upgrade the ship in your own way using 50 different upgrades
• 36 unique missions
• Ultimate BOSS fights
• Massive gameplay and enhancing graphics
• Tap and hold on enemies to target and shoot
• Space tower defense game
• Lots of cool guns and unforgettable battle action

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