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Clash of Dragon — Android Gameplay HD

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Игра Clash of Dragon — Android Gameplay HD на Андроид

Clash of Dragon — Android Gameplay HD





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Ajoutée le 18 nov. 2015

FOR MORE ANDROID GAMES —http://www.youtube.comThe long summer has come to its end,the winter is coming. The evil white walkers are invading our land, and Houses are fighting for the throne, mankind is in great dangerous. As a Night’s Watch, it’s your duty to hold the wall, defend for human. Now we barely hold the wall by ourselves, we need to unite every house’s force to fight against the white walkers, you’re our hope !
Version content:
1. Five kind of stages: Story Stages, Elite Stages, Challenge, Siege, Dragon Nest.
2. Legion: The force of the Legion helps their members to grow up. Legion Stages wait for you to organize an attack!
3. Rich enhancing system: Hero Upgrading, Hero Advance…
4. Versatile Equipment System: Freedom to equip, enhance, upgrade all your props!
5. Delicate Graphics: detailed images for the «Big Cards» of heroes with an unique style.
6. Original Story: follow the story of the Heroes and discover this amazing world.
7. Amazing soud effects: real-man voices and surrounding effects for a better gaming experience. Bring your earphones on!
Download link —

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